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Word of the Executive Director

Welcome ,

We promise you commitment to your interests and excellence in all our business and services provided to you.


The essence of our vision encompasses the breadth of the concept of real estate, so that it transcends cement and stone to reflect human civilization and ambition, and therefore we are keen to build societies and projects of a cultural nature and unique value that we convey to future generations.


Panorama Ltd. is a Saudi company that is oriented towards the world. It spares no effort to maintain its leading role in the real estate sector in the Kingdom by offering innovative residential solutions in the local market and expanding internationally. The company's top priority.


Since its establishment, our companies have presented unique projects, pioneered many of our solutions and businesses, and have proven to be resilient in challenging times as stakeholders, customers, investors, employees, suppliers and partners remain the key to the success and resilience of our companies.


I am sure that you will find everything you are looking for here on our website.

Turki bin Mohammed al Qahtany

Executive Director | Panorama Group of Companies

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