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  • We manufacture all equipment, specifications and industries required by the customer (national industry - European industry - Chinese industry)

  • We have more than 5,000 kinds of equipment

  • We customize stainless steel kitchen cabinets according to the required sizes

  • We supply all kinds of refrigerators from refrigerators, confectionaries, refrigerators, refrigerators, refrigerators, refrigerators or kitchens in different industries

  • We supply all types of ovens, bakery ovens, pastries & pizza pies in different industries

  • We supply all kinds of gas burners, electricity, one torch, two torch, four, five, six torch in different industries

  • We supply all the coffee industry mines (one slot, two and three slots) with different industries

  • We supply all of the potato crates each and every two different industries

  • We supply hotel supplies with all their requirements

  • We supply all kinds of food folders

  • We supply full service lines for restaurants

  • We supply all kinds of juices

  • We supply all kinds of different size grills

  • We supply all kinds of shawarma machiners of different sizes

  • We supply all kinds of stainless steel tables according to the required size

  • We supply all kinds of dishwashing machines

  • We supply all types of gerls

  • We supply Prostate Prostate

  • We supply rice cooker analysis

  • We supply sandwiches of various sizes

  • We supply all catering for hotels & restaurants

  • We supply bread rolls of different sizes and industries

  • We supply supermarket supplies

  • We supply all food transport equipment

  • We supply and customize kitchen stoves

  • We supply meat products with various industries and capacities

  • We supply meat cutting saws

  • We supply all sizes of laundries upon request

  • We supply all dishwasher refrigerators

  • We supply many mobile and fixed conveyors

  • We supply cooling and freezing rooms with different specifications and sizes

an introduction

What to do
We offer integrated solutions for our clients, from consulting services, to catering to specific specifications.


One of the main reasons for our success and leadership in the market is the flexibility and availability of specialized interior facilities that produce stainless steel and refrigeration rooms, and to our insight into the market. These features have cemented the company as an ideal partner for the catering industry.

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